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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Visual Field Testing

This test will evaluate your peripheral vision while looking straight ahead. Visual field defects if detected early can manifest into ocular and systemic diseases.

Eye Pressure Test (Glaucoma)

The quick gentle "air puff" determines the pressure inside the eye. Elevated internal eye pressure can cause glaucoma, which can cause vision loss due to damage to the sensitive optic nerve in the back of the eye.

Cover Test

This is to determine if your eyes are working together as a team. Cover tests can detect even very subtle misalignments that can interfere with your eyes working together properly (binocular vision) and cause amblyopia or “lazy eye.”


This is a test that determines your exact eyeglasses prescription. During a refraction, the doctor puts the phoropter in front of your eyes and shows you a series of lens choices. He or she will then ask you which of the two lenses in each choice (“1 or 2,” “A or B,” for example) make the letters on the wall chart look clearer.


Based on your answers, your doctor will determine the amount of nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism you have and the eyeglass lenses required to correct these vision problems (which are called refractive errors).

Slit-lamp Examination

The slit lamp is  an illuminated binocular microscope  that the eye doctor uses to examine the health of your eyes.  The slit lamp gives your doctor a highly magnified view of the structures of the eye, including the lens behind the pupil, in order to thoroughly evaluate them for signs of infection or disease.

Pupil Dilation:
Fundus Biomicroscope vs Optomap Retinal Imaging

A comprehensive  eye  exam may include the use of dilating drops. These medicated eye drops enlargen your pupil so your doctor can get a better view of the internal structures in the back of the eye. Dilating drops usually take about 20 minutes to start working. When your pupils are dilated, you will be sensitive to light, because more light is getting into your eyes. You may also notice difficulty reading or focusing on close objects. These effects can last  up to several hours, depending on the strength of the drops used.

If you don’t have sunglasses to wear after the exam, disposable sunglasses will be provided to help you drive home. Dilation is very important for people with risk factors for eye disease, because it allows  thorough evaluation of the health of the inside of your eyes.

However, we now have the new technology that can capture the retina within one minute through undilated pupils! It is our Optomap Retinal Imaging. This technology takes a ultra wide field digital retinal imaging which is immediately available for review between patient and doctor.There's no longer any need for uncomfortable eye drops, blurry vision, 4-6 hours of light sensitivities or 15-20 minutes of waiting time! It's fast, efficient and convenient.

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